About The Lamp Maker


My name is Zack Poitras. I am The Lamp Maker.

I have been making lamps with flushometers for many years now, and in that time my passion has blossomed into an obsession.

Thank you for visiting my lamp website. I love you. More than you'll ever know. 


And Now, A Personal Note About These Lamps

Every lamp I make has been made with heart, soul, and long bouts of staring and contemplation. I scrub, sand, drill, saw, wrench, glue, solder, twist, wire, screw and polish every one of them myself. Behind each lamp I finish are twelve lamp designs that I abandoned, unfulfilled. I make these lamps because I want to make something I will love, and I want whoever owns one to love their lamp as much as I. I believe I've made some truly great, satisfying, unique lamps, and I believe you'll agree, and that your investment in light was well worth it.